All auditioners who meet the eligibility requirements for any role shall be afforded equal opportunity to be considered for that role. Persons interested in a role for which they do not meet all eligibility requirements may be allowed to audition for that role at the discretion of the Director.  We are a non-equity house and all performers are volunteer.


We accept any one who has placed a reservation for their audition or one who walks in during the audition dates.


As always, if you would like to be a backstager or assist in sets, lights, costumes or props, then we want you! 

Email us here to let us know of your interest.


Auditions for the Firebringer will be held on Tuesday April 26th from 7pm-9:30pm

Possible callbacks will be scheduled for Wednesday April 27th at 7pm as needed

Auditions and Callbacks will be held at Club Diversity - 863 South High Street

All auditioners are asked to prepare a song in the style of the show (Musical Theatre pop). The original cast album is available on Youtube for reference.

Please bring a CD or PHONE with a 1 minute cut of your audition track on it. No voices (except choral backing) are allowed. You may not be asked to sing the entire audition piece. You may also be asked to read from the script.

Please bring your appointment calendars on that day so that you are prepared to state any rehearsal conflicts you may anticipate. 


Jamilla (F) [Vocal Range: F3-D5] - the leader of the tribe. Charismatic, Confident, protective, and motherly, but a little arrogant and stuck in past ways.

Zazzalil (F) [Vocal Range: G3-D5] - One of the tribe's gatherers. A Creative and innovative, but lazy inventor. Revolutionary thinker, but doesn’t always consider the consequences of her actions.

Keeri (F) [Vocal Range: A3-C5] - the tribe's head gatherer. Ignorant but kind and empathetic. She is Zazzalil’s supportive Best Friend.

Molag (F) [Vocal Range: n/a] - the tribe’s former leader and the narrator. She was a terrible and selfish leader who lied and manipulated for her own gain.

Emberly (F) [Vocal Range: G3-D5] - The tribe taste tester. She is cautious but curious to learn or experience new things. She is analytical.

Grunt (M) [Vocal Range: C3-F4] - An Outsider to the tribe. He is timid and sensitive. He wants to feel included and tries hard to do so despite his failures.

Schwoopsie (F) [Vocal Range: A3-D5] - A member of the tribe. She is a comedian who seems to enjoy the attention she gets from making her tribemates happy.

Ducker (M) [Vocal Range: A2-F4] - The religious leader of the tribe. Uses his position in the tribe for his own gain. Self-serving and opportunistic.

Tiblyn (F) [Vocal Range: B3-D5] - The hard worker of the tribe. Loyal and dedicated to her tribe and her task. She is a hopeless romantic.

Smelly Balls (M) [Vocal Range: A2-F4] - The “dude” of the tribe. Not so bright. When it comes to bravery, he’s all bark and no bite.

Chorn (M/F) [G3-E5] - The odd one of the tribe. Their vocabulary is seemingly limited. They do attempt to communicate to the tribe despite this to a varying degree of success.

Clark Baxtresser (M) [n/a] - a super-sexy Neanderthal who appears out in the wild.


Rehearsals are typically held Monday-Thursdays from 7-9pm at Club Diversity 863 S High Street