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All of us connected to Cyclodrama have years and years (and years) of experience with theatre. And we've become disheartened by our experiences. Community theatre is never about community, it's always been about continued existence "raise money for the next show!"

Don't get us on our soapbox about how theatre should not qualify for public charity status, because, other than the art of "making theatre," typical theatre companies don't give anything back to the community.

We are different. We know that we exist only because of the community - whether it be our performers or our audiences. And while we see a place for the typical companies in the area, we are not a typical company. We are doing this for our love of performing, but not to better the craft. We give chances, we make unique casting decisions, we are a family that openly welcomes outsiders.

And one final thing - being entertained is selfish. Humanity should be about helping others, about better-ing the world, but the "powers that be" have decided that we should be entertained so that we don't think about starving children, or the homeless. No - they keep us entertained to be happy little slaves (aka. consumers.) Since we are those little slaves and can't change the whole world at once, we're gonna change our community. Instead of hoarding dollars spent on tickets to our shows, we will share with other organizations with real-life missions. By "real-life" we mean, feeding the poor, sheltering the homeless, reducing bullying to our LGBT community, etc.

"Let's put on another show" is not a real-life mission, in our opinion.

So do your part to help our community by purchasing a ticket to one of our unique productions and then feel good that you have done a small part in helping make our community better. Every dollar you spend with us makes its way back out into the community.


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